In order to sustain growth and enhance credibility, young companies require seasoned financial talent. CFO Partners becomes your fractional financial team. From scenario planning to protecting company interests in negotiations, to creating financial infrastructure, to raising capital, CFO Partners is your foremost strategic resource. We help you get to the next level, at a fraction of the cost. As a small- or medium-sized company, financial operations are neglected at significant risk.  CFO Partners mitigates that risk, and allows growth companies access to the best and brightest financial talent, when you need it, where you need it. As markets become more competitive and global, your company can’t do without the insights of a senior financial executive who take your interests to heart. While growth opportunities may seem unlimited, understanding how to fund such growth is challenging.  CFO Partners helps you to monitor the key metrics as your business grows, including a plan and strategy on how to acquire capital crucial for managing growth.  This process helps your management team navigate the volatility of growth stage environments, and not be left ill-prepared to capitalize on market opportunities.

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CFO Partner News

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CFO Partner Services

CFO Partners offers a comprehensive platform of services delivered as a team approach, including utilizing a combination of CFOs, controllers, and other financial management to augment your current staff.  We create rapid value, and move fast to accelerate your business. Our leaders will tell you what they think and offer a forthright assessment, so that you receive an independent opinion.  Then, we will roll up our sleeves and produce actual work product.  Our professionals have hands-on experience in your industry. As a result, CFO Partners is not just another paid consultant: we become your strategic financial function.  We deliver value you can count on.
  • Sr. Financial Management
  • Financial Reporting
  • Audit Support
  • Forecasting and Modeling
  • M&A Support and Deal Evaluation
  • Line of Credit Negotiations
  • System Implementation