About CFO Partners

CFO Partners was founded to assist companies experiencing rapid growth or having considerable challenges. We provide immediate value to our clients by limiting our vertical focus to those industries in which we have significant expertise, which means we really speak your language. Our founders and CFOs have held positions as CFOs, CEOs, board members, consultants, venture capitalists, controllers, investment bankers, and entrepreneurs. CFO Partners brings considerable experience to bear on your set of circumstances.

CFO Partners rapidly integrates into your organization as a part of your team, even if we are there for only a few hours per week. We take on the role as your financial executive, advisor, and CFO, creating significant leverage and credibility; and we offer speed-to-value by focusing on those crucial elements requiring our expertise. Basic accounting we do offer, but CFO Partners provides much more, including packaging key financial and operational data in unique ways to provide a complete view of the business.

CFO Partners Testimonials

“CFO Partners provides us the guidance we need on a variety of strategic and financial issues, including M&A and contract negotiations. They are a trusted advisor, and bring expertise and insights unavailable in-house.”

Osvaldo Morales, CEO
True Automation, Inc.

“Our business and financial partners not only have to keep up with our twists and turns, they need to really understand our game and to have played it themselves. So, when circumstances struck, CFO Partners suited up and backed our play. Calm under pressure, CFO Partners helped us when we needed them. I enthusiastically recommend CFO Partners!”

Bettina Bennett, Chief Maverick
WhichBox Media, LLC